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My name is Ashley.

Welcome to my online journal and creative outlet. Grab a cup of tea, browse the archives and stay awhile!

The sun set at the grand canyon about 7:40 pm mountain time (aka 9:40 pm home-time). After the sky had darkened, we grabbed some dinner and crawled into bed with an alarm set for 4:45 am… againAfter a long day of driving and GC-ing we finally got a few deserved hours of sleep. 

The next morning we got up and hurried our tired bodies back to the south rim of the GC in order to see the sunrise (about 5:10ish am). We found our way back to our favorite spot and sat until the sun made it’s grand appearance. 

* By the way… running at the GC is not a good idea. First, it was cold like no other. Second, the high altitude causes shortness of breath. We learned our lesson *

The sunrise was just as amazing as the sunset. It was so worth facing the cold and the early wake-up call. 

After the sunrise we crawled back into bed and slept for 5 more wonderful hours. We left the GC around lunch time and headed on our second leg of our journey, the Grand Canyon to Orange County, California. 

After 2 days on the road we all were itching to finally arrive at our home away from home, Orange County, California. 

to be continued…

**During the last 2 hours of our drive we started to make lists. I’ve included a few of them above

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